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the keeper chronicleS

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You're entering the ever-growing labyrinth of the Keeper Chronicles.

Each interlinked series will have you falling for unforgettable characters, discovering new supernatural beings, and re-visiting old friends.

It's a place of lost sleep, forgotten chores, and page-turning awesomeness.


Continue at your own peril!

Keepers of
the Light

Ebook Cover Hidden Angel.jpg

Angels and Demons have battled for millennia.

their inevitable war has beguN.


Keepers of
the GraiL

Ebook Gates of Demons.jpg

Seven gates of hell.

Seven Deadly sins.

One impossible choice.

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Keepers of
the cHalice

VampireUnleashed_FInal (1).jpg

A vampire. 

A huntress.

And a cure that will change everything.


Keepers of

Tamar Sloan_ebook.jpg

a cursed wolf.

a fated Love.

a supernatural waR

only they can Stop.

Keeper Chronicles Logo-14.png

Keepers of

Copy of Untitled Design.png

She's a powerful demon.

He's the angel

sent to destroy heR.


And much, much more!

  • Keepers of the trutH (the Archivists)

  • Keepers of the faE (fae)

  • Keepers of the Dead (Reapers)

  • Keepers of magic (Witches)

  • Keepers of the Apocalpyse (the four horsemeN)

  • Keepers of the Raised (Necromancers)

  • Keepers of Atlantis (Mermaids)

  • Keepers of the phoeniX (PhoeniX)

  • Keepers of the falleN (Nephillim)

  • Keepers of the Dragon (DragoNs)

Discover the
free preQuel!

Tamar Sloan_ebook.jpg

they're enemies who want the same thing - the Holy Grail.

falling in love is an

unwelcome complicatioN.

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